Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

When it comes to your flesh and blood, your own being, you want to make sure you get it right.  Consequently I spent hour upon hour researching online and various discussions with doctors.  Sure, if you even glance at my website you’ll quickly realize the direction I took, it was non surgical vaginal rejuvenation, to tighten my vagina.  It should be no surprise, especially to my girlfriends that listened to me constantly for weeks, that for vagina tightening it’s best to seek out a natural alternative.  I think there would be few women that would argue the point.  Unless, perhaps, you’re a surgeon that specializes in vaginoplasty!

If you would rather cut to the chase and head right to the solution click the button below.  Although I would appreciate if you could read my story and understand how I came to the conclusion I did.

The Problem

After having two children, both natural births and 9lbs.+ at delivery, my vaginal walls loosened.  This is not unusual.  I read somewhere to think of your vagina as walls of a cave.  Forgive the analogy but it will help make more sense.  Vaginas differ from woman to woman, the angle of entry is different, the width also differs, and having children loosens those walls.

Sex with my husband was such a wonderful experience pre-baby #2.  We both did not notice much of a difference after the first child, but after our second, it became apparent that my vagina wasn’t in tip-top shape any longer.  The sex was still enjoyable, but it just wasn’t the same.  I vowed keep our sex life enjoyable for both of us and was determined to find some form of vaginal tightening procedure.  Anything to get it back into shape.

How to Tighten Your Vagina, Surgically

Vaginoplasty in the surgical world is a medical term for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. The end result, as we all hope, is a tight vagina.  Of all the so-called vaginal tightening products, surgery is the most invasive way to tighten your vagina.

There are always two questions that keep coming up when I’m chatting with women looking into the various methods of vagina tightening, they are, “How much is vaginal rejuvenation?” and, “Is vaginal rejuvenation covered by insurance?” The surgical procedure for something like this is an expensive one that will set you back usually from $4000 – $9000.

Regarding the insurance coverage, you will most likely need to take it up with your health insurance company.  Through my research I have seen both cases, covered by insurance and not covered by insurance.

I looked into this procedure and thought seriously about it.  As I continued my research I found out there are side-effects or potential by-products, just like any surgery there is risk.  While not common, I’ve read of the rejuvenation surgery going wrong.  In one case the vagina was so tight and rigid that having sex with her partner was not even possible.

While surgery is still a viable option for some women, it just is not for me.  I decided to keep on searching.

How to Tighten Your Vagina, Naturally

I decided against the surgery and opted for the safe natural approach.  As with anything natural it always seems to take more time to get results.  I think you’ll agree with me.

While having coffee with a girlfriend before work one morning the topic came up again, as my friends know it inevitably does with me, this time it was my girlfriend that posed an interesting question.  Do kegels make you tighter?  She had read somewhere that kegel exercises for women benefits sexually active individuals.

In case you are not familiar with Kegel exercises — Kegel exercises involve controlling your pelvic muscles in a way to stop urinating.  While urinating, stop the flow for about 4-6 seconds and then resume.  Now don’t do this each time you urinate or it could result in a bladder infection.  This is done initially so you can feel and isolate the particular muscle group.  Throughout the day tighten and loosen those group of pelvic muscles.  Results should be seen in just a few days.

I found a great online program called Kegel Magic that is a complete course that teaches you all you need to know without the need of, sometimes very expensive, exercise equipment.

I actually started to feel a difference (after 4 or 5 days) and so did my husband.  Unfortunately Kegel Magic just did not get me all the way there.  Even after 4-5 weeks of closely following the course.  Don’t get me wrong, I got close and this is a definite viable and proven option for many women.  It just did not work out for me and it seemed to take a long time after the initial results.  Kegel Magic did not ring the bell for me, but I do recommend it as an alternative option.

How Do You Tighten Your Vagina? My Recommendation

So what happened?  Through my seemingly exhaustive Internet research I stumbled upon a program and a product that I remembered a friend mentioning to me a few weeks prior, just as I was getting started with the kegel exercises.  I had completely forgotten all about it.

The program and product she mentioned, and I later found, was similar to the kegel and pelvic exercises I had been doing the previous weeks, with the addition of a product — a gel.  The gel and the actual program associated with the gel is called VTight.

Right, I am recommending VTight.  It is a program that consists of an all-natural vaginal tightening gel and an exercise program.  It truly works!  The gel’s active ingredient is Manjakani extract, which has its origin in Eastern Cultures, where they have been using this for centuries as a natural way to tighten your vagina.  Unfortunately there is no proper way on the Internet to provide you with a objective vaginal rejuvenation before and after study. You and your partner will need to purchase the v tight gel and try it for yourselves. But fortunately there are hundreds of women that have gone through this amazing program and have had absolutely amazing results.

Click the button below to learn more about the program and its low cost pricing details.  You and your partner will never again be dissappointed or frustrated!

I was one of the millions of women suffering from loose vaginal walls due to childbirth.  Consequently my sex life suffered and I honestly did not feel too good about myself.  I know my husband loves me unconditionally, but I could tell that the sex for both of us was just not that great anymore, you could say lackluster.

Through hours and hours of research and word of mouth, I stumbled on VTight, this extraordinary program has brought back wonderful and earth shattering sex life to me and my husband.  Follow the links to learn more and commit to this program, your results will astound you and your partner!

How to Make Your Vagina Tight, Alternative Recommendation

As I mentioned Kegel Magic is an outstanding product and it is priced well for all of the information and techniques it offers.

If you’re not comfortable with pursuing the VTight program then you should definitely purchase Kegel Magic and hope that it gets you all the way there or at least get you closer than you are today.

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Revised: 3/23/2015

VTight Gel Review

I can’t believe the amount of emails I have received asking for a follow-up review.  I guess it just goes to show you that there is a definite desire out there for women to please their man.

Many of the emails have been asking about VTight Gel Instructions and does VTight Gel really work.

VTight Gel Instructions

As with any topical cream that you apply to ‘sensitive’ locations first and foremost.

  • Wash your hands
  • Place a small amount, about the size of a blouse button, on your fingertip
  • Gently massage the gel into the inner wall of your vagina

This should be done twice daily.  Along with the exercise plan included with the product.

Does VTight Gel Really Work?

You’ve heard it from me before and you’ll hear it from me again.   Yes!  Absolutely, positively, Yes!  You must follow the twice-daily application of the gel and do your exercise program and you will have results that are amazing.

Where to Buy VTight Gel?

Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to an order page that provides you with all of the details.

Click the button below to learn more about the program and its low cost pricing details.  You and your partner will never again be dissappointed or frustrated!

Revised: 3/24/2015